Powder Tins

Curtis's & Harvey's Gunpowder

Curtis’s & Harvey’s Coarse Grain Gunpowder

Curtis & Harvey Smokeless Diamond.

E.C. Sporting Powder.

Smokeless Diamond. Half Pound  Tins..

Half Pound  Nobel 60.


Empire K.S.G. Smokeless Powder.


Nobel-Glasgow 60 x 1/2  pound tin.


I.C.I. Smokeless Powder Nobel 64, Nobel 60 Shotgun Powder.


S.A. Sportsgoods Rifle Powder

S.A. Sportsgoods 4740 Rifle Powder.

#7 Powder

Curtis & Harvey

#6 Powder

Nobel 60 x 1 Pound Tin



#1 Powder

Nobel 64  & 62 Shotgun Powder

#2 Powder

Nobel Revolver Neonite Sporting Powder.

#3 Powder

Curtis’s & Harvey’s  Sporting  Gunpowder.

#4 Powder

Super Cartridge Co. 4831 Smokeless Rifle Powder.

#5 Powder

Nobel 60 x 1/2 Pound Tin

#8 Powder

Curtis & Harvey No. 4

Dupont Smokeless Powder

Du Pont  “MX”  Smokeless Powder.

Smokeless Diamond 1lb Tin

Smokeless Diamond 1Pound Tin

Hazard Powder co & Laflin & Rand

Hazard Powder Co. & Laflin & Rand Powder Co.

The Schultze Gunpowder

The Schultze Gunpowder

Smokeless Powder for Shotguns Only

Smokeless Powder for Shotguns Only

Pigou, Wilks (and) Laurence

Pigou, Wilks (and) Laurence

Amberite Sporting Gunpowder

Amberite Sporting Gunpowder

6 thoughts on “Powder Tins

    • Hi Colin. I don’t know the age of the powder tin you are asking about. It is a black powder tin so is late nineteenth century or early twentieth century.
      As for value, if your tin is in good condition with all the labelling complete,front and back, and the original stopper, it would be worth around sixty dollars. If there is no labelling or poor condition labelling it is worth very little. In the range of twenty dollars on a good day. Without the stopper about the same. It all depends on condition. I would rate my particular tin as around average or marginally better than average.
      These estimates are very up to date, as just last night I attended the Australian Cartridge Collectors Association’s annual auction. Good powder tins were bringing very good money and even poor condition tins sold. Very few did not sell.
      Unfortunately your tin and mine are quite common. They are not all that hard to find in condition on a par with mine.
      I hope I have been of some help to you. Remember everything is worth what someone is willing pay.

      Regards Ray Hambo


  1. Hi the 9th tin from the top, curtis and harveys sporting gunpowder. What year would that have come out. I have one that has all labels and still full of powder


  2. Hi, I have the ‘tin’ 8th from the top (the hourglass style) in fantastic condition, still full. Is it common? Cheers


    • Hi Mathew. Your powder tin is seen quite often, for sale at cartridge collector’s meetings. It is not common, but not rare either, so it is somewhere in between. If it is well labelled, being full, it would possibly fetch around the $50.00 mark.
      The label is the critical point and it must still have the original metal stopper.There are plenty around with little or no labelling and minus the stopper. These tins are worth around $5.00 in value. I don’t know if your’s being full would increase the value, Personally when I get a tin that is full, if I can’t give the powder away I tip it on the lawn and water it in. For insurance purposes I can”t have more than a certain amount of powder on the premesis.
      Incidently, the label on my particular example is only just there. There are a lot better examples around.
      They also come in different sizes.
      Thanks for your interest. Ray Hambo.


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