Gun Oil

Donald McIntosh Oil Tin

Donald McIntosh Terizol

W.E. Ekins Gun and Rifle Oil.

W.E. Ekins Gun and Rifle Oil.

Poor condition Motty Rifle & Gun Oil.

Lake’s Rifle & Gun Oil

Rangoon Oil.

Winchester Crystal Cleaner.

Stoegerol Gun Oil.

J.C.Higgins Gun Oil.


Rhenwest / Sweet’s and Motty Rifle and Gun Oil.


#1 Oil

Young’s .303 Oil.


Burrsthreo Gun & Rifle Oil

Burrsthreo  Rifle & Gun Oil.

Young's .303 Oil

Young’s .303 Cleaner and Rust Preventer Oil.

Young's .303 Oil

Young’s .303 Oil

Young's .303 Oil

Young’s .303 Oil

Winchester Oilers

Winchester Oilers

A Couple of American Oilers

Wards Gun Oil & Remington Oil

3 thoughts on “Gun Oil

  1. Hello i have two cans , Burrsthreo lubricating oil and the other is rifle and gun oil i see you have a photo of these cans , could you please email me so we can discuss what these may be worth in New Zealand Regards Craig Poland


    • Hi Craig. Thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately I have no idea of the value of Burrsthreo oil cans in New Zealand. It used to be quite common in Australia. However the two cans and one bottle are the earlier types. You will notice that one can has bars around the lid to facilitate opening and the other hasn’t got these bars, this particular can came later. Both lids have a hook attached inside with a mop attached. The last can to be produced didn’t have these features and did not have gun and rifle oil on the label. The last can mentioned, which is not pictured is quite common here and might fetch $10.00 on E Bay on a good day. I can’t remember what I paid for my two examples, but while they are not very common they don’t bring a lot of dollars. I could take them to a swap meet and ask around $20.00 and possibly get close to that amount. The bottle I paid $25.00 for and the labelling is in poor condition.

      I like these oil cans because they represent our local Australian industry. I wasn’t aware they could be purchased in New Zealand. As far as I am aware the company is not in production anymore.

      Regards Ray Hambo


  2. Hello Ray,
    Outstanding collection you have there! I am a beginner collector and am wondering is then red Excelene Rangoon Oil can for sale? I am in the US if so please let me know it would be a great first oil can !
    Very best


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