Some Ring Extractors Ranging from .410 through to 10 Gauge.

Ward & Sons 16g and Greenfield of London 12g Extractors.

James Dixon & Sons 12g & 16 g Extractors.

Multi-Gauge Knife Extractor & Roper Son & co Sheffield Spring Extractor

Bland 12 & 16 Gauge Extractors.

20 gauge & 14 Gauge extractors.

French & English pinfire extractors in 10 & 16 gauge.

Some 12 & 20 gauge whistle extractors.

G. & J.W. Hawksley, 12 & 16 gauge extractors.

English 16 & 12 gauge extractors.

8 thoughts on “Extractors.

    • Hi John. I take it you are a whistle collector. I have had a look at your facebook page and the whistles look great. apart from the Whistle/extractors, I have a whistle around here which I found whilst metal detecting. It is in poor condition, but I will find it in the next day or so and put a photo of it in my metal detecting finds under the heading “General Finds”.
      Cheers Ray Hambo.


      • Id love to see what you have found. I also have a other Hunting type dog novelty whistles. 1870s T.Yates pewter whistles one in the form of a duck and a few dog heads and a mid 1800s J.Dixon ivory dog head whistle. I Didnt realize this was an Aussie site.


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