Clay Target Traps

I.C.I. Clay Target Traps Parts List

#3 trap

“The Expert” Chamberlain Cartridge co Cleveland Ohio. Patented 1892

#2 trap

B & B

#1 trap

I.C.I. Minor

I.C.I. Minor

I.C.I. Minor

#4 Trap

I.C.I. Plus

The Plus Trap

The Plus Trap

5 thoughts on “Clay Target Traps

  1. Nice site mate, Im wondering if you could scan a copy of the manual for the plus trap, I have my grandfathers old trap, but its been pulled apart and I cant work out how the spring goes back in. Cheers Mathew


    • Hi Mathew. Have scanned the relevant material (well I think I have) Will try and send it as a separate email. My wife has just bought a new printer and I am bogged down with the thing. Regards Ray Hambo.


  2. Hello Hambo….l have an ici manor trap in good condition , it has a bit of history with our local community, but is missing the main spring and throwing plate.I see on your site you have a ici manor trap catalogue on display, and l was wondering if you could send me some information about the missing parts or where l could obtain said parts……Cheers,Nev Brady, Bermagui NSW Australia


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